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Webinar EnergyCloud: College of Engineers of Peru: Energy Efficiency and The Path to Sustainability

Sep 1, 2022

Here we present how one can understand in detail the myths and the reality of how simple and practical it is to be able to implement energy efficiency in your organization or company.

On September 1, the Departmental Executive Committee of the Institute for Prospective and Development organizes a discussion with two experts in energy efficiency, future technologies and sustainability. The Departmental Executive Committee of the Institute for Prospective and Development (IPYDE) is pleased to invite members and the general public to the virtual conference Sustainability, energy efficiency and future technologies The efficient and sustainable use of energy is a priority issue today, as it benefits the environment and helps institutions and people to reduce costs. To treat it in the best way, we will have two experts, one local and one international. Michel Chávez has a bachelor's degree in mechatronic engineering, graduated from the National University of Engineering. He is also a senior analyst in energy efficiency projects, and has the LEED AP certification for sustainable construction, issued by the US Association of Energy Engineers. From Mexico, Roberto Flores will be with us, an expert in sustainability projects through Internet of Things (IoT) technology and energy efficiency. He is co-founder and CEO of EnergyCloud, a company dedicated to energy consulting, cost reduction and energy plan development.

Here you can read the full article: Conferencia virtual “Sostenibilidad, eficiencia energética y tecnologías del futuro” - Consejo Departamental de Lima (

Here you can view the conference: Webinar EnergyCloud: Colegio de Ingenierios Peru Eficiencia Energetica y El Camino a Sustentabildiad - YouTube

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